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Pre-order ‘My Way’ today

Looking forward to hearing ‘My Way,’ Willie’s upcoming tribute to Frank Sinatra, on your turntable? Barnes and Noble has a limited edition marbled blue vinyl version available for pre-order now.

When the government rips families apart, they often don’t have a plan to bring them back together. That’s why I’m grateful for groups like Grassroots Leadership. This community organization is working on the ground, here in Texas, to help families get what they deserve—release and reunification.

Families are fighting every step of the way to free themselves and their family members from detention, who are often detained hundreds of miles away. Grassroots Leadership organizers work with detained community members and their families to navigate this overly complex process and provide them with funds to make release reunification plausible. This is Sandra and her son Juan Carlos, just one family Grassroots Leadership worked alongside to free from detention.

Hundreds of families are still separated all over the country. I urge you to contribute to Grassroots Leadership’s Deportation Defense and Bond Fund to make release and reunification possible for more families. Give now at

Fly Me to The Moon, Trigger

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Pre-order your copy of ‘My Way’ here

Willie’s forthcoming album ‘My Way’ is available September 14.

Pre-order today >