December Day – Due Out In December!

 —  September 19, 2014 — 22 Comments

Following his not so distant release of Band of Brothers (in June), Willie is back at it again! More original songs and collaborating with Sister Bobbie, Willie has a new album set for a December release – December Day.


22 responses to December Day – Due Out In December!

  1. Having been a Willie fan since I heard Crazy in 1975, my favourite Willie moments are The Nightlife, the double album with Leon Russell, the Stardust album, his version of My Mother’s Eyes, and seeing him with The Highwaymen, in Australia. My new single is a tip of the hat to the huge Willie legacy – so may I share it with you ? Greg Champion

  2. Wow!
    Is there no stopping this legend?
    I get tired just reading about what Willie Nelson gets up to :o)
    Totally, one of the GREATS!

  3. Can’t wait!

  4. I have liked willie`s music from the beginning as I have been a lover of the traditional country music. I am 81 years young and don`t do much dancing anymore. but my wife of 60 years and have on many occasions danced the night away to willie`s and other true country music stars music.i sing in the choir at church and when I do a solo, honestly many parishioners have said I sound like willie.( not nearly as good) I`m sure,but I just say thank you and then I feel good all over. that’s just my 2 cents worth thanks.

  5. Can’t wait to hear the new album!!!! Keep ’em coming Willie.

  6. Looking forward to it! Love to listen to Bobbie – I have a CD of her’s I found on eBay & I just love it! Multi-talented family…

  7. Can’t wait!!!!!

  8. I think you may need to check your spelling ” Decemeber”?
    Besides that I am looking forward to hearing another great Willie album, especially with his sister.
    Willie is like a good bottle of wine, gets better with age.

    • Thank you for your help. We are always grateful of our fans and the opportunity to give us a second set of eyes.

  9. “A time to remember day”……

  10. What is the name of Willie’s “reggae” album? The one where he sings “A Worried Man”?

  11. We live in Abbott. Great to see the old water tower (that they want to tear down.)

  12. Glad to see Willie and Bobbie back in the studio. It’s been to long since Uncloudy Days. I sure it will be a hit, hopefully Bobbie will play Down Yonder. A classic and she does it so well. Tell everyone I said hello. Tommy Chelette.

  13. As always, can’t wait!!!! Willie … one of a kind. Love, love, love this man!

  14. Awesome! Excited about the new album especially with Bobbie in it! Would love a listen; need a sample choice to listen on line. Love Willie!
    Can’t wait to hear more of the new album. Thanks, from a long time admirer, Sandy

  15. I se to recall Willie and Sister Bobbie sang together in church, and in Bud Fletcher’s band. I don’t recall if they sang together on previous albums of Gospel and Christmas. I sure would love to hear them do some solo’s and duets.
    Maybe a bunch of December songs.
    Try to remember the time in December… Or December 1963 by Four Seasons or Counting Crows Late December. You get the idea…
    If we make it through December.

    • Okay, it’s “a Long December”not a “Late December”… And try to remember was in September, but then it was”deep in December”.

  16. Have been listening to Willie way back as far as he goes- I think-back in the late 50’s or early 60’s – He is my favorite -I love that he is real-he lives his life as he sees it and takes no stuff from anyone-Love him- he is the real thing-Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain is my favorite Willie Nelson song-but anything he sings and plays suits me just fine-I have his sign “Willie Nelson for President” on my front lawn-my family and friends get a kick out of it- I’m 86 years young-so I too have been down the long road-I will probably get his next Album when it comes out in December-the 15th of December I will be 87 years young-so I will ask for it as a birthday gift from my family <3 <3 <3

  17. Has the track list been finalized?

  18. I have a song for his album!! I wrote it specifically after meeting his son Billy on my first trip to music row at a place called Featherman Music. I pitched it to Liberty records many moons ago.
    I wrote this in 1991. Please give me an address to mail a copy…

  19. Great! I’ve been craving some new music of yours Willie and will be anxiously waiting for your CD release in December. Your last several CD’s have been great. You just get better with every year! Bobbie is so terrific when she accompanies you and I’m anxious to hear your new production with her. She and Mickey always add so much to your pieces.

    The last CD, Band of Brothers, is so very much “telling it like it is!” that I play it over and over….well, I play my favorites over and over to the point that I actually know what comes next after the last notes of the number playing are done! On Band of Brothers I love “The Git Go” – good rendition of the here and now of our world (unfortunately). I love “Crazy Like Me” and “I’ve Got a Lot of Traveling to Do” – sounds like you’re writing about your wife! “Guitar In The Corner” sounds as if you are dealing with winding down career and life…don’t go there yet Willie.

    You keep on keepin’ on – that’s what people like us do. I’m just a year and a half behind you. You have your martial arts; I have my Tai Chi and physical exercise classes Monday thru Friday. And, when I have trouble falling asleep, I play your “Spirit” CD or your “It Always Will Be” CD real low and it relaxes me.

    You have so many ways of delivering music and honestly, I love them all. Lincoln Center CD – fantastic – you and Winton! Heroes is absolutely remarkable – “Come on back Jesus” and pick up John Wayne on the way! You keep me laughing, crying, dancing and relaxing – what an entertainer and what a character you are!

    Another thing that I admire about you is how supportive you are of your band members – your family as you refer to them. Also it is so great to see how you’ve nurtured your daughters and sons in their talents and careers. You definitely have a very talented family. God bless you and yours Willie.

    Thank you for always being there for me in your music. You have no idea what your music and you mean to me and apparently to many many others. So, Willie: Keep those new releases a’comin’!! You must have a bunch already recorded that you can choose from, huh?!!

    Your #1 Fan, Shirley Peters of Fresno CA

  20. God Bless Willie & Family. They are truly musicians that create music the world loves to hear. I hope someday to meet Willie, “how long do you hold onto dreams that don’t come true?” I suffer from combat PTSD, Vietnam Veteran, and will hold onto this dream forever. I am looking forward to the release of the new album. Take care of yourself Willie, and may Our Lord continue to Bless your family!

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