“Shep and I were the last ones standing” – Order ‘They Call Me Supermensch’

 —  September 21, 2016 — 11 Comments

“Snoop said I was the only one to smoke him under the table
But I remember more than once when the pot party
Ended, Shep and I were the last ones standing
Let’s burn another one soon Shep”
Willie Nelson

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11 responses to “Shep and I were the last ones standing” – Order ‘They Call Me Supermensch’

  1. Willie I have a brother his name is Jeff Ferguson you guys have met I have the pictures of you and him together he was blind his girlfriend has cooked you dinner fried chicken he passed away please contact me me 7404422063 my name is David he also had met and got a picture with Johnny cash I have the pictures kinda important please respond

  2. Willie I have lived my life through your music. I am honored when people call me Willie. Keep the love Jeff Haggard a distant cousin of Merle.

  3. I am honored when people Call me Willie Nelson. Your music has inspired me through out my life. ✌️️❤️️A distant cousin of your close friend Merle Haggard

  4. I just spent all morning trying to get VIP tickets to see Willie in Philadelphia, MS for my grandfather 75th birthday because Willie his his hero. He told me wanted meet Willie before he leaves this world. We are not getting these tickets because I couldn’t pay $700.00 for us to grant him his wish. I had to settle for Tupel, MS no VIP and $350.00 when all the advertising for Silver Star in Philadelphia, MS said $45 to $75. My Grandfather will get to hear Willie he just won’t beable to see Willie because we are going to be so far away from the stage.

    • William Collins is my grandfather and he has poor eyesight. Even after I paid for him to have his cataracts removed. Something did go right so he still can’t see good. He goes back in for surgery in January if he is still with us

    • Price for tickets is always more if you purchase via an outside source, instead of directly from the artist or venue website. I am sorry you had trouble getting affordable tickets.

  5. a.c. van de meiden October 8, 2016 at 5:44 AM

    willie willie won’t you please come to amsterdam will ya?

  6. Willie my mother always said to me you are the sexiest man she ever seen on earth. Sad news is she just died on August 29th, 2016 at age 80. I have a song she sung of yours I hope you have time to listen to. My mother was always talented in acting from a child up to death and singing all her life plus playing musical instruments; Piano or Organs. Her world took another turn when she met my father and married him so her dreams of Hollywood went to the way side and she was happy with that. Her boys meant more than anything else on earth. She was the most loving and best mother in the world. I was so close to her Willie. We were like two peas in a pod. I miss her so much Willie. I want to post this link of her singing you song All Of Me and it would be such a gift if i knew you watched this video of her and me. I guarantee it will make your day Willie. Please trust me Willie. I’m not writing this to you with any expectations Willie. I know your have a real busy life. I also know you’ll love my Momma that loved you so much. http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/watchandlisten/play/c0101c0bf

  7. It would be nice to hear back from you Willie what you thought about my Momma singing one of your top songs. I do know for that to ever happen would be less odds than playing the state lottery. I know she did an awesome job singing it at her age and failing health before her death. Momma loved you so much Willie. She was a beautiful woman Willie and i do cry many times because I lost a awesome mother. Oh! Hey! Willie I disagree with her that you are the sexiest man on earth.

  8. This is a cheats way of doing this . Willie can you do me one big Favor please can you watch this video https://youtu.be/MV2pMQ60-KY and then let me know your thoughts by contacting me at janehendersonsongwriter@gmail.com.I also have the chords and Lyrics as well. I really don’t expect to hear from you But it is worth a try. Jane. Ps Love your music Mate.

    Jane Henderson. Australia.

  9. I coming to see in y’all in Lake Charles! I’m ready, are you?

    “Life is short, enjoy the moment with friends and family!” Hope to visit you there

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