The Perfect Game – PART TWO Wichita,Kansas

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Everyone in the bullpen straining to get a better look through the fence in left field.

A lot of people in the Laurence-Dumont ballpark now are starting to see the game with their hearts.


Willie reading signs, into his windup, two-two pitch: another fast song got them swinging. Nelson is tight to the bag at third, the fast swing, If You’ve Got the Money Honey. “O” and one with one out in the ninth inning, one to nothing.


Willie leaning into his windup and the strike one pitch: curve song, Beer for My Horses, tapped foul, “O” and two. Wichita Willie walks away and shakes himself a little bit, and swings. He comes back at them with a new song, Floodin’ Down in Texas, then takes a big hit out of his belt and walks behind the mound. Nelson winds up with the gospel set and the crowd knows Bob Dylan is still comin’ up.


Willie backs off, mops his forehead, runs his hand along his forehead, and dries it off on his left pants leg. Wichita Willie Nelson has belted out twenty three. He is two hits away from a perfect game.


The time on the scoreboard is 7:44. The date: September the first, 2004. Veteran player Bob Dylan steps into his windup and the pitch. (the crowd goes wild) Four consecutive hits from Dylan. What a night ladies and gentlemen.


What a night! Then Wichita Willie steps up to the plate, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.


(Crowd roars with approval)


Dylan is now one on one with Nelson. Eyes locked, cocked and ready: a slow, sad song, Heartland rings out of the ballpark!<


It is 9:46 p.m. Willie into his windup, Dylan and band continuously send hits out of the park for another hour and a half. Here’s the final pitch…and it’s a perfect game!


(Five minutes and thirty-eight seconds of cheering by the crowd)

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