“Willie Signature Horses” Available for Adoption

 —  February 25, 2013 — 88 Comments

Willie Nelson & Family and Habitat for Horses Announce “Willie Signature Horses” Series of Horses Rescued Horses, Healthy and Available for Adoption.

The Nelson family and Habitat for Horses are pleased to announce that we are reinstating our Willie Signature Horses series of horses, four of which are now up for adoption. These horses are currently living on Willie’s ranch in Luck, Texas. They are healthy and ready to go to a loving forever home. Visit the Habitat for Horses website for details. http://www.habitatforhorses.org/willie-nelson-signature-series-horses/

Willie Nelson has adopted and fostered over 75 horses from Habitat for Horses over the past decade. Habitat for Horses, Inc. is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas to promote and secure the safety and well being of all horses, encourage education concerning the physical and mental health of horses, explore and establish connections with young adults who can benefit emotionally from involvement with horses, promote the proper training of horses, and provide a home for those horses who are no longer able to be productive.

The Nelson family has been working with the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), a small and effective animal welfare lobbying group in D.C., to draw attention to American horses who are being slaughtered for human consumption overseas. Horse slaughter plants in the U.S. have been voted out by their states, but until there is a federal ban, slaughter-bound horses are being trucked in extreme temperatures and long distances without food and water to Mexico and Canada.http://awionline.org/content/slaughter. Over 80 percent of Americans polled are for a federal ban on horse slaughter for human consumption. Ask Congress to do right by the horses.

Willie's Signature Horses

Even America’s federally protected wild horses are at risk of slaughter. These national treasures are being forced off federal land so corporate mining and agriculture can consume it at the expense of the wild horses and the American taxpayer. This land had been secured for the horses by the will of the people. There are over 40,000 wild horses in captivity, more than are in the wild.  Many end up on the path to slaughter, but together we can stop this.
Let’s put public pressure on the Bureau of Land management to stop the round ups and release the horses. http://awionline.org/content/wild-horses-and-burros


88 responses to “Willie Signature Horses” Available for Adoption

  1. Hello my name is Brennan Wells. I own Horses on the Beach : Corpus Christi in Texas. I specialize in taking families riding on the beach, with an emphasis on beginners a d children. I have do e this for 24 years. Pls look my website over a d check references and see how well i care for my horses and animals. I am interested in geldings that are broke to ride and not lame. Please contact me at 361-443-4487. Thx Brennan

    • Brennan
      Please contact AWI directly (website listed above in article). They can help you learn more about adoption plans and the details of the available horses.

      • horseshoe creek stables in roanoke va says hey.. like your site… me and wife do gouded trail rides here on our horse farm.. we are in roanoke va.. love to take you out for a ride some time… take a taste or something !!!!!!!!! steve owner

      • Thanks for all of your beautifull songs, but even more thanks for being such a good person for animals.. i love you. Kiss from Eliza Rotterdam/. Holland XXX
        I am a fan since I knew and heard you… and will ever be

      • On fb … Brenda Karen Stidham Adesso .
        I wish i could have a horse. I feel an emotional insight of sorts w horses. But i cant afford. Wish could . Itnt it something..im a decendant of Pocahontas for real and no horse!

      • revroscoebeauregard March 27, 2013 at 7:54 PM

        Love the horses cuzin Willie.

    • This has been a long standing wish/want in my life but alas it looks to never be. too old to far from Texas. Bu t I thank you for helping people do this. And God Bless you horses are magnificent creatures!

  2. Wow, what I wouldn’t give for one of Willies horses.

  3. The BLM ….. ugh…. I have been trying to get them to change their way’s since I was 11 yrs old….Time to turn up the heat again…. Thank you Willie and company for all you do… XO…

  4. Thank you for doing this. Our nation’s horses need all the help they can get, and it seems to be getting worse each day.

  5. Oh my gosh Willie I love all of your music. I am a real huge fan of yours and have always wanted to see you live one time in concert. Your the best Willie

  6. mrs jimmy songer February 26, 2013 at 2:58 AM

    i love to know more about it can u get in touch with me

    • mrs songer
      please contact AWI (website listed above) for details on the adoption.

      • I would just like to say that I love what Willie and his family are doing. I wish that every human could be so caring and unselfish. i love Willies as a singer, a beautiful person for sure. Even though his tour bus was parked for a while at the establishment that I worked at in Everglades City, I did not get a chance to meet him. I have few heroo’s, but he is indeed one

      • We have pleasure horses and ride somewhere every week-end in the summer and then go on a 125 mile ride from Shelbyville, Ky. to Ten. We are looking for a very smooth gentle riding horse about 14 hands high for small children to ride and that we can ride on and off road. Take wagon rides and have saddle horses we take. If you have anything like that would be interseted.
        Thank You

    • Mrs Songer, for more information on the Willie Nelson Signature Series Horses feel free to contact us through http://www.habitatforhorses.org. You will find information about adoption fees, adoption process and a wealth of information about current equine related news. You may also contact us by emailing your questions to office@habitatforhorses.org.

  7. i hope you find good homes for the horses willie.

  8. To Mr Nelson and Family hi my name is Louise i am from Canada Ottawa Ontario
    I wood like to thank you and your family for Rescued Horses i know what they mean to us
    horses people like us they are loveable and kind and trustful to the gentle hand i have to mares they are my bestfrieds we need more people to stand up for them and to stop the killing of them
    i will post to my family and friends and hope to help stop the Slaughtered of the horses
    Once again Thank You

  9. Glad to see your support and leadership in the fight against horse slaughter. Hard to understand how some people think; sometimes I think they act as they do just to cause trouble. Then though I think, follow the money, my guess is this particular money trail would lead to some embarrassing relationships involved in more than horse slaughter. Considering a significant number of stolen horses end up transported to slaughter. It would mean some supposedly upstanding citizens have business relationships that lead to criminal conspiracy. Are the haulers, auction houses, and kill buyers receiving loans from banks or are the sources of money more shadowed. One need wonder.

  10. We have almost 80ac. I love horses!! I have had them for years!! the last 1s I had an X bf stole them & sold them. I have been looking for them, but no luck. I would be happy to take all of them if they are cheep enough.. I am not rich.

  11. i would love to adopt one of these horses, however i need hoses that can be ridden have grandchildren, we tried to adopt one of waylons mares, but the money came i to late, her name is cody, are these horses tame? and how much is your adoption fee’s? would love to have one of willies horses, i would take very good care of them 2 would be nice. and they would be spoiled and lovedvery much

    • all of the details on the adoption can be found on the awi website listed in the article. they will be handling the adoption for us.

  12. Thank you for your efforts..You are the best!!

  13. mrs jimmy songer February 26, 2013 at 3:28 AM

    i would love to hear more about them

  14. Unfortunately OK has recently approved slaughtering horses for human consumption. It remains to be seen whether the new Interior Secretary will do anything to help the wild horses since she has little knowledge of the BLM practices or even the BIA. I am going to the site now to apply for adoption. I was 55 before I was able to afford my first horse. I have an old former broodmare I adopted and a yearling–both Colonial Spanish Horses whose bloodlines go way back. I love that I have to brush the hay out of my hair every morning and my favorite designer footware is a pair of polkadotted muck boots. I would be a great human for one of these horses. Wish me luck.

    • Darn it, a bit of my fencing is 4 x 4 which means I cannot adopt. So wish I could have done something for them. Instead, will just keep loving my Colonial Spanish Horses and joining the fray when I can to save the wild ones. Had the Brislawns, Gilbert Jones and others not cared enough in the early 1900’s to save their bloodlines, my babies would have faced the same horrible treatment by the BLM.

  15. Kevin Abercrombie February 26, 2013 at 3:54 AM

    Well to start you are more than a icon of country music. You are a fighter for the people and the animals of our country. I hope and pray these and many more horses get homes of loving texans and or Americans. Well I also hope in my lifetime to see a concert but The Lord leads me and his will hath been done.

  16. I would love to own a horse that Willie had, would be totally amazing. If it were possible for me to afford one I’d do it tomorrow.

  17. gotta love wild Willie… And wild horses … Two of my favorites for sure

  18. if you need volunteers ill go to willies ranch and volunter for a month or two send info about monetary donations

  19. Would love to own one of these beauties,but i live in town! I’m sure you will find great homes for them! Love Ya Willie! Happy Birthday! Tony Stagles…The guy from St. Bonaventure that made your trip a little smoother! God’s Blessings

  20. Wrote a song about Johnny Cash I would Love to be able to send it to you to record? Dont want nothing just to hear it sung by you! (antonstag@hotmail.com)

  21. Love this! Thank you.

  22. Dear Mr. Nelson, thank you so much for what you have done and are still doing! If I had the Land space I would love to adopt one of your horses! However, I will help in any way I can to keep these beautiful animals alive! ( Is there anything sacred anymore in this Country??? ) I will write to the Legislators to affect that these Wild Horses remain in their Habitat, Lord knows we have plenty of Lands to let these Horses roam! Please keep me up to date via e-mail! Thank YOU so much SIR! Respectfully, one of your biggest Fans, Erika Hatch

  23. how much do you want for the black and white horse

  24. ~ I agree! Being a country girl raised on a farm in Lakeland, Florida and loving the outdoors and riding my horses, I am appalled to learn of this horrific fact! I will do my part and write our congress to put a federal ban on the slaughter of Horses.
    ~ I will also start a petition and get as many signatures possible and take this to the Bureau of Land Management in my state of Florida.
    ~ As Hank say’s, ” The Pressure Is On! ” Thank you Willie Nelson. Love Marti ^,^

  25. Willie i think your doing a great job with these horses. God will Bless you many times over. If I had the money I would sure come and get one .I gave mine away to a good home for my move to mississippi for a man i thought loved me.. Now i can’t nor want get her back the kids just love her and she has a wonderful home.. But i can afford a huge price on a horse. she was a birthday gift given to me. All for the love of a man and promises of buying me one when i got out there. Lys all Lys. Keep Up the great work… God Bless you and all the horses.. Love Linda

  26. WIllie, you are an inspiration to us all in so many ways. Thanks for all you’ve done.

  27. I’ be always known Willie is a horsan, but didn’t know y’all did this! THANKS

  28. Thank you, Willie, for your work! I had no idea! You really put your money where your mouth is! We must educate people what it means to own animals! Stop breeding multiples and flooding the markets. This is the main problem! If a horse owner needs either financial or physical help. Go offer your help, where you can. Educate children and people to stop thinking of horses as “just horses”! They are our lifepartners that heal our souls and enrich our lives! I take pride of every old horse, that I have kept, instead selling the horse “down the road”!

    • Didn’t you have 23 counts of animal cruelty against you? Weren’t they the horses you bred and were supposed to be protecting and caring for? YOU ARE A DEPLORABLE MONSTER!!! You should be forced to live in the same conditions that you forced the poor horses to live in.

  29. I am with Willie we must stop dissolving the lands in our great country that were set a side for refuge by our ancestors. Horses have played a huge roll in developing the country we call ours
    and we need to protect them from corporate greed. Before it is to late.

  30. Willie: I knew that you were trying to save the wild mustangs, but had no idea thatn you were fostering ,horses on your ranch in Texas. It is hard to fantham that along with your concert schedule that you are able to support all the activities that you do. Please continue to let the fan club members who are in total support of what you do, and the rest of the world, about all the ways we can continue to support you. YOU ARE TRULY A LEGEND IN YOUR TIME!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Madison WI on Sun. 4/14/13—the grankids are ectastic. Cathy Schwartz, Stevens Point, WI

  31. Met you along time ago in Galveston…How have you been?..I lived in Tx. for 30 yrs but got ran out after hurricane Rita…Lost 2 homes, 2 busineses (remodeling company and animal grooming/training, and most of my belongings. When I arrived home from New Orleans from helping out there I found my Ex-boyfriend cooking crack ! He attacked me & broke my cheek bone but I went to jail…go figure. I now am in Indiana taking care of my Mama and fostering many animals for other people. That includes 4 horses, 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 rabbits, 4 ducks, 1 turkey, 1 goose, and about 20 chickens ! I have to get foodstamps and go to a local foodbank for our food. The foodbank gives me all the stale bread they have and I have 3 people helping me with feed and hay. I have to build all the buildings and pens by myself..but since I am almost 60 its really getting harder and harder on me.. We have had alot of snow this yr. and with it comes the slippery ice and mud…but I am still hangin in there…nice to see you are too! Love ya Willie, Diana .

  32. This is really been hard on my Mama as well cause we live off of her SSI. Jobs are hard to find around here that I am capable of doing and doesn’t keep me away from my Mama alot…I have had to perform CPR on her twice in 2 yrs…very scary…but would like to know if you have any horses that you would like for me to take care of for you around this area….

  33. Just read OK looks like going to pass horse slaughter and read where NM is trying. This is what is going to happen, slaughter places are going to be starting up again in the US thanks to President Obama, you watch I can feel it. I have two horses and they are the love of my life and wish I could afford to have more that need help, but I am writing to all my elected officials and got one very promising report. Ed Whitefield with others are trying to get Salazar to responed to slaughtering BLM horses before he leaves office. This is suppose to be a free country have a voice and some will listen BUT NO ONE listens, well some do but not enough in Washington!!! I live in Kentucky Ed Whitfield wrote this to me ( I find it preposterous that there are 258 million acres in the Western states that are under the control of BLM, only 32,000 horses, and BLM claims that they don’t have enough land. I believe this program is a waste of taxpayers dollars and is an awful act of animal abuse ). SO there are some who are trying to do something to fix this huge injustice!!!!!! I Thank You ALL we’ll just keep on keeping…..

    • Yes the
      west has lots of acres of state and federal lands; we also have large mountians with wolves, we didn’t want and bears…. Horses will not survive in those snowy mountians even one winter….We also graze cattle on those public lands during the summer…those lands are also home to elk, deer and bison… cattle – you like your shoes to be leather? you want a steak of a burger.. the elk, deer and bison have been here longer than the white man who brought the horses with them….who says one animal has more rights than another??? Horses do serve their purpose as ranch livestock … however people have this romantic idea of them….I have seen some of these wild horses that have interbred for so long it was causing horrible deformities…Wild horses are not NATURAL to the United States….I have also watched willd horses tear down fences and destroy numerous hay stacks….If you have not had to have them in your back yard, then you don’t know what the hell you are talking about….You like them so damn well, I can arrange for a large truck load of them delivered to your house, you can pay to feed them and provide space for them…Or are you afraid they might get mixed up with all your high bred brainless horses…In short if you haven’t had to deal with them personally, you don’t know what the HELL your talking about… But then on second thought… If we feed the wolves, horses then they will leave our elk, deer, cattle and bison alone…hummmm

  34. March 2, 2013

    You may want to consider including a link on this web page to post your message on Facebook, and possibly other such sites.
    Would be good Free promotion for your good work, and for Willie.
    Take care


  35. Please put a share link for this article?

  36. Christina Smith March 5, 2013 at 3:07 PM

    Willie, I love what ur doing for the horses, I have been taking in rescue horses for the last three yrs. I enjoy helping them to get happy and or trusting again, and getting healthy. I started doing this for the love of the horses as well as having
    been educated in e nutrition, that is my specialty with them. I currently
    have five give of my own

  37. On behalf of Habitat for Horses I would like to thank Willie Nelson, Amy Nelson and their family for providing a safe and loving home for the horses they have fostered back to the fantastic physical health & spiritual health they deserve. What a blessing it has been for the horses fostered at the Nelson Ranch – an opportunity to heal through and through.
    These horses are now ready to be adopted into loving forever homes. If interested in offering your love and kindness to one or more of the Willie Nelson Signature Series Horses please visit the Habitat for Horses website at http://www.habitatforhorses.org where you can find information about the first group of four available for adoption. Remember to visit the site often as we will soon be adding the second group ready for adoption.

  38. Joseph M Squillacioti March 8, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    Hey willie ,I have been a fan for 30 + years ,I would love to adopt one of the Horses
    Where do we go from here ?

  39. Emilio Ramirez March 13, 2013 at 9:59 PM

    Please sign a petition to stop the slaughter of horses. One is already started on the White House web site. You need to setup a account to vote but takes just a few minutes. More horses will be killed than adopted if this isn’t stopped.

  40. Hey willie, the horses they need you! I mean we need your help. Congress is putting together a new ban to take a run at banning horse slaughter straight out. I know the anti-slaughter groups are really hard to deal with but if you could make a few calls to the people working on this ban to offer support the horses we can save will appreciate you doing it. I wouldn’t ask but their abuse has to stop and I have been pushing signatures on a petition at Change.Org but they really need someone with some expirience in this and is recognized by horse owners. If you can’t we understand, but if you can help them. If there is any way you can make a call or offer Congress your support so they know that there are people who will stand up. I am just a small time western shop owner, horse trainer, and animal lover so I have the ability to reach into horse owners and trainers train of thought and help them reach out for help now they need to see some people they recognize doing it too. I think your work with your horses is wonderful, so if you can see to be able to say absolutely anything we would, they would appreciate it. Thanks just for considering it…just call me horse lady. That petition I was gaining signatures on its Petition to overturn the legalization of the slaughter of horses in the united states for human consumption.

  41. gonzalo loranca marañon March 27, 2013 at 1:33 PM

    Hi ! dear Willie
    Best Regards From Mexico City. I remember when you come to Acapulco and Sing A song Wonderful Moments ! god bless you !

  42. Hurray for Willie:) He is using his reputation and walking the walk. Thank you Willie. I always liked you but now we love you!
    We are in TN and it was an uphill battle to defeat a plant going in here, but we won last year. Im sure it will have to be done again and again.
    A good friend and fellow advocate worked hard to shut down a transporting business running horses into Mexico. It was out of Lebanon, TN.
    Education is another problem. People are too ill informed and naive about where horses go when no longer cared for or the owner cannot care them any longer. Too many people dont know about kill buyers. I think that this should be posted at each and every sale that some animals could be bought and slaughter….like a disclaimer. It just might make some naive people think about what they are doing.
    Horses are being carted off in truckloads for a few bucks a head….horses that many people would be glad to take but are uninformed. As always, follow the money.
    Donna in TN

  43. christina adams March 27, 2013 at 1:50 PM

    do you know of any place in michigan that takes horses? i have a 2yr old black quarter horse that i would like to go to a good place?

  44. My heroes have always been cowboys. Thank you for your compassion Willie.

  45. We live outside of Luling, Tx. WE have rescue horses also, Thank you for continuing the cause..

  46. Hello Willie, good things u do for the horses wonderful, ur music too, there will be a place for u in heaven(good song here maybe)lol. we have an organization here in Canada called equine need u now, been going for a few years and at xmas 13 they have homed 400 horses that were headed for slaughter. We are fighting this here too. Just wait till the people involved in these slaughter houses leave this earth then they will face the wrath of God for there deeds. God bless these horses.

  47. Steinar Borgersen March 27, 2013 at 3:43 PM

    I would love to have one or two of your rescued horses, but living in Sweden it would be unrealistic even to apply for one. However I hope that you may support me with a return ticket so I could come over to the US for a week or two help out on the ranch with this lovely animals.Cant help thinking of your song “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” when I think of all the missary this horses gone true.

  48. How badass would it be to have a wild horse from Willie Nelson, and name it Trigger. You can’t get more cowboy than that.

  49. how do i adopt a hors frome willy? my grand daughter alway’s wanted one when she waz growing up she be 15 next month i had when i waz younger i traned them broke them rode in barrles now she wants a horse…………..thx u

    • Mrs Thompson,
      For more information on the Willie Signature Horses feel free to contact Habitat for Horses by visiting our website http://www.habitatforhorses.org or call our office at 409-935-0277 Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. On our website you will find information about the adoption process in order to adopt one of the Willie Signature Horses as well a wealth of information about current equine related news. You may also contact us by emailing your questions to office@habitatforhorses.org.
      Habitat for Horses looks forward to hearing from you soon, we can answer any questions you may have about adopting one of the Willie Signature Horses.

      Habitat for Horses

  50. I alway loved wellie ranch alway wish i could own something of his i wish i could livre there or habe a cook out or have a. Bomb firer and roast mashmellow and set around the fire and sing well it just a dream and own one of his horses .well thay well newet come true or own his bus.i alway love his sinning .i fell like when he sing i can fell like im in his song sprite wase.

  51. Dear Willy Nelson. Thank you for taking care of those horses. I would love to have one of them. I moved from Norway, I met you in Tromsoe once, to Turkey Creek, Mountain View, AR. My husband and I bought Sunnyland Farm ,not far from D. Youkons farm, where we have retired and have two horses . We have nice fenced pastures and we would love to have one of your horses .We promise to take good care of them . And Willy ,next time in Turkey Creek ,please drop by. Best regards from Mette at Sunnyland Farm.

    • Dear Mette,
      For more information on how to adopt one of the Willie Signature Horses feel free to contact Habitat for Horses by visiting our website http://www.habitatforhorses.org or call our office at 409-935-0277 Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. On our website you will find information about the adoption process in order to adopt one of the Willie Signature Horses as well a wealth of information about current equine related news. You may also contact us by emailing your questions to office@habitatforhorses.org.
      Habitat for Horses looks forward to hearing from you soon, we can answer any questions you may have about adopting one of the Willie Signature Horses.

      Habitat for Horses

  52. Latrhonda Baxter June 14, 2013 at 2:13 PM

    Dear Mr. Nelson,
    I thought it would be a long shot trying to reach you but here it goes anyway. I live in Lubbock Texas about a mile down the road from my mom and dad. We decided about six months ago to make use of my land and start taking in rescue horses. We started with two and have since had around 20 horses come to us. We get them the vet care they need, we have a farrier come and tend to their hoof needs and give them lots to eat and most importantly lots of love and tender touch. My mom has been a school teacher at our local school for the past 18 years and on top of raising my two nephews and my niece she has decided to resign this year to be able to devote more time into our rescues. It is not easy I have two disabled children of my own but we all decided to do this and we make it work. We are currently building a new stall facility which will have six more stalls a tack room and a feed room. We are not an organization and we do not get donations. Everything comes right out of our pockets and we wouldn’t have it any other way. My mom has this unique bond with our youngest horse. He is an 8-9 year old Paint Gelding who we picked up from Smyer Texas after his owner moved and left him behind. He is now back to full health and is an amazing young man. Unfortunately we are not experienced riders and he needs am experienced rider. Since he has been back to full health we sent him on what was suppose to be a month training course but the trainer lost our respect with his rough hand. My mom comes out everyday to help with care and feed and medicine distribution to the horses and she cries everyday because she feels that she is doing Oreo wrong by keeping him here with our older horses and not letting him have a chance to be young and have a job to do. She won’t let him go here because she is determined to know that he is well cared for and not handled roughly. I saw you on Habitat for Horses and thought wow that would be perfect for Oreo. He is a lively young man who I know would be great for you. If you could find it in your heart to take him then I know she would be confident in you to take care of him the right way. I know this has been long but I know my mom will not let go until she is certain of Oreo’s well being. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear back from you
    Thanks Again,

  53. i would like to give two of your horses
    a forever home in orange grove texas
    please answer

    thank you.

  54. Great difficulties entirely, you recently gained a new custom logo brand new target audience. What may anyone recommend in relation to ones distribute that you choose to created 1 week in past times? Any kind of a number of?

  55. Mr. Nelson,

    First I want to Thank You in helping so many Wild Horses, we all who care are forever grateful…

    I have a question?? As you know there is an onslaught of folks on the Web trying so very hard to stop horse slaughter, and to stop the Interior Dept. who are in Charge of BLM….
    WHY can we not have some kind of Celebrity Charity Concert that will give public awareness of the plight of the Wild Horses and all the horses going to slaughter??? Like we have for storm victims….. This concert could help rescues, help save horses, help give clinics for birth control, so many for SO LONG have done it on there own with our help of course… BUT they need help for once…. It also would inform ALL of what is going on…. Please could you not think about doing this with other great people whom you know, that I am sure would jump at it…. WE NEED A VOICE the horses need it loud and clear…. What do you think about this idea??? WE all are calling, writing, emailing, frustrated and very angry that this abuse is still going on…. PLEASE consider helping we all don’t know what else to do??? I Thank You for Listening, HOPE you and others can HELP???? Debbie

  56. Yes! Finally someone writes about lake city painters.

  57. Hi Willie!
    I am starting a documentary about these wild mustangs and I am wondering if you would be willing to help. I would love an interview if possible. If you could please help on my kickstarter project. I am trying to get funding otherwise this project can’t move forward. Being an advocate for these horses I hope you will support me and my efforts to get this story told.
    That is the site address.
    Thank you for your time!

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  59. Awesome video and thank you for helping wild horses!! They need us!! I’ve seen you in concert Willie your awesome!

    Packwood, Washington

  60. Willie you are a good man for doing what you are doing for these horses 🙂 you are the best 🙂

  61. Would be proud to give one or maybe two a forever home. If this is possible please contact me at jimmymaddox55@yahoo.com I have a mare who gets along well with others.I lost my mule in Nov. Had him 33 years an I sure do miss him .thank you Willie for your love & support of hourses. Your friend & fan. Jimmy maddox

  62. Just watched the HRTV short film and want to extend my thank you for the work you are doing!

  63. Can you help me? My ex is booting off my equine & goats June 18,2015.He’s being an ass.
    They are in Parsons,Ks.

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