Willie’s 2015 Fourth of July Picnic

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Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic

Presented by Budweiser

Returns Home To Austin, Texas

Nelson To Headline Line-Up Which Includes Eric Church, Merle Haggard, Kacey Musgraves, Sturgill Simpson, Asleep At The Wheel, Jamey Johnson, Jason Isbell, Leon Russell and More

AUSTIN, TEXAS (March 30, 2015) – Live Nation, C3 Presents and Circuit of The Americas are proud to announce the return of Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic to Austin, Texas.  The legendary Willie Nelson plays host to one of America’s most celebrated festivals, as the 4th of July Picnic returns to the Austin area for the first time in five years.  Joining Willie at this year’s party is a cavalcade of his star-studded friends.

The 42nd edition of the picnic takes place at the Circuit of The Americas’ Austin360 Amphitheater on Saturday, July 4th. The all-day event on America’s birthday features performances from more than 20 artists on two stages including Willie Nelson & Family, Eric Church, Merle Haggard, Kacey Musgraves, Sturgill Simpson, Asleep At The Wheel, Jamey Johnson, Jason Isbell, Leon Russell, Billie Joe Shaver, Ray Wylie Hubbard, David Allan Coe, Chris Stapleton, Johnny Bush, Insects VS Robots, Folk Uke, Amber Digby, Raelyn Nelson Band, Pauline Reese and more.

“The first 4th of July picnic was outside Austin at Dripping Springs, Texas,” said Willie Nelson, “I got the idea from Woodstock about how music could bring people from different places together. I had just moved to Austin and had come to realize what a great music center it was and could be. I thought it would be a nice idea to, this year have it back in Austin, but at a more comfortable venue for the fans AND the pickers. The Austin360 Amphitheater at Circuit of The Americas is that place. It’s the Formula 1 track with a beautiful Amphitheater in the middle of the circuit.

Some of the original artists will be returning: me, Leon Russell, Billy Joe Shaver, David Allan Coe; along with some younger acts we are happy to have on the program like Kacey Musgraves, Sturgill Simpson, Jamey Johnson, Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Amber Digby, my son Micah with Insects VS Robots, my daughter Amy with Arlo Guthrie’s daughter Cathy and their band Folk Uke, and my daughter Paula. Also on our show this year are my friends Eric Church, Merle Haggard, Asleep At The Wheel, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Johnny Bush.”

To accommodate the 20 artists, this year’s 4th of July Picnic will feature two stages: the main Austin360 Amphitheater stage and a second stage located on the Grand Plaza. The Grand Plaza will have picnic tables where fans can eat, drink, celebrate and watch their favorite artists, as well as a shopping area featuring a wide variety of Texas based vendors. This year’s picnic will also incorporate a very special fireworks display to commemorate the show and to celebrate America’s birthday.  SiriusXM will be broadcasting live on Willie’s own SiriusXM channel, Willie’s Roadhouse.

Tickets are priced at $75 for Reserved Seats, $55 for Tickets in the GA Pit Section in front of the stage and starting at $35 for H-E-B General Admission Lawn.  There are also a limited number of special VIP packages available for sale.  All tickets will go on sale Friday, April 10th and will be available at ticketmaster.com, circuitoftheamericas.com, all Ticketmaster outlets throughout Texas or can be charged by phone at 1-800-745-3000.

Standard parking lots at Circuit of The Americas open at 10:00 a.m., with premium parking lots opening an hour earlier at 9:00 a.m. and gates to the Austin360 Amphitheater open at 11:00 a.m. Standard Parking is included in the price of the ticket. Premium Parking, Bus Parking, RV Parking, as well as camp sites are also available for purchase at the time tickets are purchased.

For more information on the event please visit www.circuitoftheamericas.com.



Tickets will be available online at livenation.com, ticketmaster.com, circuitoftheamericas.com,   Ticketmaster Outlets throughout Texas or charge-by-phone at (800) 745-3000.

41 responses to Willie’s 2015 Fourth of July Picnic

  1. will there be early sales for club luck members?

  2. Will there be any fireworks?

  3. Lori Greathouse March 31, 2015 at 10:20 PM

    Dearest Willie, I just wanted to thank you so much for that large autographed print you gave to Johnny Johnson Christmas before last while you was here in Louisville. I have never been so proud to have anything in my life.. I have idolized you since I can remember. You will always be in my heart.. and by the way Johnny said your Willie Wonder was the best he had ever smoke… that is other than my special blend . You ever make it back to Ky. you need to slide through grayson county..you can ask nearly anyone where to find me.. they can point you in my direction..all my Love Lori

  4. I’ve seen Willie 19 times including his recent performance at ACL Live. I’d love an opportunity to purchase VIP tix for his 2015 July 4th show. Not looking for freebies…just a chance to purchase!!! David Kahle

  5. Can any give me details on what the vip packages include an a price an also when is the presale?

  6. What’s the process for getting Club Luck presale tickets to the 2015 July 4th Picnic?

  7. madonna scott April 6, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    Willi would you consider helping organic aid come to life? To help millions against monsanto push for gmo labels on our food. 96% of Americans want it due to so much information on internet sites. We need to have healthy food for our kids @ grandchildren. We march to dc 5/23. Please consider or recommend bands that believe in this very important issue. Thank you.

  8. Rok On Willie

  9. ‘Wish you folks would find a way the Club Luck folks could buy tickets ahead of the scalpers. I logged on at 10:00 sharp and was not able to buy 2 or 4 tickets together anywhere for the picnic. But I could go on Stub Hub immediately and pay a premium to sit almost anywhere. Pete

  10. Christine Blackwell April 7, 2015 at 12:09 PM

    Dear Mr. Nelson and family. I would like to thank you for all that you do for horses.
    I have started a Face Book page “Willow Help Save My Kind”, two of my friends have started two page’s, “Babies of slaughter 48 hours” & Babies of slaughter 60min”.
    We have been emailing and calling 60 minutes to bring awareness of the devastating facts that mares are giving birth in the feed lots and then they are being shipped to slaughter while their babies starve to death or are killed by the adult horses who are panicking in the lots.
    We are a small force of warriors tackling a big industry, we are not asking for donations. We would like to have you get on board with us, and any one else you know who care about the welfare of America’s horses, who have giving so much to this country and in return they are discarded like trash.
    60 minutes has heard our voices I understand that they will do their own investigations before airing our story, if they decide it is a worthy story.
    I know you and your family are busy, I do not bother celebrities, they get harassed enough. I am asking kindly if you and your family would give us a helping hand even if it is just a phone call or an email expressing your concerns about the plight of our horses and their innocent babies who are left to die in feed lots. Some do get rescued but many do not.
    Our greatest wish of all is to end the suffering of our horses, end the slaughter business, and the transport of horses to Mexico and Canada.
    Thank you for your time and I pray that some way you join our force to lend a helping hand.
    Sincerely Christine Blackwell

  11. I have payed for your autograph long time ago, never received, long time fan of you, can you invite me of any your concert? I live in Minneapolis

  12. Willie, I just purchased tickets for your 4th of July picnic in Austin. My sister, who is in the latter stages of ALS and totally wheelchair bound will be there. I was wondering if your people can arrange a small space for her to park her scooter and be able to enjoy the concert at ease. She does not like to get out, but I will get her there, somehow or another.

  13. Is there any shotgun vip tickets left? I work for a living and can’t afford to pay 500 to 2000 dollars a ticket. Just wanted to treat my wife to a great 4th of July Willie Nelson style.

  14. Ticketmaster didn’t have any information on ticket policy for children under 2. Does anyone here know the event ticket policy?

  15. I’ve got $5000 dollars to give to Willie Nelson to pay for studio time if he would record my song titled “if you let
    Me be your song”. Absolutely would be his second “always on my mind”. I can email the track. It’s the one song in my catalogue of 300 that’s an only willie Nelson song. That’s it.

  16. i was frecking out someone told me you died today.

  17. Rest in peace Sir!

  18. Willie
    Please get the word out that you have not died. Some dumbass put on facebook that Willie Nelson died.

  19. Are there any GA PIT tickets left? I’ve always wanted to attend Willie’s 4th of July Picnic, and this year’s lineup is like a dream- I’m trying to figure out a way to come down from Missouri. Do I have any chance of finding pit tickets anywhere?? Thanks! 🙂

  20. First….Happy early Birthday on April 29th! Gary’s (my duo partner & husband) is April 25th and he will be 61. Unfortunately he was recently diagnosed with cancer. We visited and played at Poodie’s Hilltop bar way back in April, 2004 and went to see Leon Russell the next night at a special concert at Poodie’s on April 29th, 2004. I guess we were celebrating Willie’s birthday without Willie!!! It would be awesome to make it to this July 4th picnic!

  21. Willie you are the absolute best! I’ve been listening to you for so many years I’ve lost count. I was lucky enough to see you in person at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater FL several years ago – best show I’ve ever seen. God Bless you!

  22. Martin Centunzi April 17, 2015 at 3:44 PM

    VIP Tickets for the forth of July event was a joke. The first day with a code, ticket master try to charge me $600. For two outlaw tickets. By time the girl got the correct information the tickets were gone. My wife and I both try as soon as they went on sale at regular time could never get tickets. I bet the scaulpers got their share. Ticket Master is a joke.

  23. Aaron F, Brown April 20, 2015 at 6:50 PM

    When to Willies 4th of July show in 1976 the 200 hundred birthday of America with my girlfriend in Gonzales. We got there on the 2nd of July and didn’t leave until the 5th. One of the best times in my life. Can remember Leon Russell waking us up at 6 in the morning singing. I believe the crowd beat the Woodstock Attentance in 69. Also worked on Willies property that year repairing a live gas pipe line,in Dripping Springs.He brought us out some water on his golf cart, a good man. Have been to at least 12 of his concerts always fun. Wish I could be there this year. keep going Willie.


  24. I wish Willie could play “the scientist” at the picnic. I love the hits but man did he do a great job of singing that song.

  25. Willie I don’t know if this is even possible but. One year ago I thought I had lost my husband of almost 50 years. He had a heart attack. He is such a big fan of yours . Listens to Willies Rosdhouse all the time.
    My wonderful husband survived his heart attack and open heart surgery.
    I would love for him to meet you in person. He is going to be 72 years old and has a lot of other health issues .
    My Daughter and I are trying to make his wish come true. By taking him to see you and hoping to meet you in person.
    If this is at all possible please contact my at spicegrl@verizon.net.
    You rock Willie
    We love you
    Judie, Johnny, & Serena

  26. I have alwaysLoved Willie Nelson and all of his songs. The Best Ever.

  27. Got tickets the day they went on sale but barely… Shew. I wasnt sure which would be better. It was confusing on where the seats were and picnic area, tent area, etc. at least we’ll be there i guess!!! Cant wait to see Willie!! I have waited my whole life to see him in concert!

  28. Michael Schack June 18, 2015 at 9:43 PM

    Will there be any buses from downtown Austin?

  29. I just became aware of the WN 4th of July Picnic in Austin. Since my husband and I will be there during this time, we thought what a better event to attend and we will. However, my concern is the cost of tickets. I just paid $96/each for two tickets, after the additional fees it almost came to $275 and these were for Lawn seats, why? I understand the cost of operating such an event, but why post the following :
    Tickets are priced at $75 for Reserved Seats, $55 for Tickets in the GA Pit Section in front of the stage and starting at $35 for H-E-B General Admission Lawn. There are also a limited number of special VIP packages available for sale.
    This announcement should state prices will vary, closer to event date. It will make purchasing tickets more easier because people will be given advanced knowledge of price increases.
    Nevertheless, my hubby and I will be there an it will be the best 4th of July, because he does not know I was able to find tickets and buy them.
    Looking forward to the event

  30. We will be allowed to bring in a sealed bottle of water or an empty bottle for water? Do you have a link to the list of “do’s and don’ts”

  31. Are you going to release a schedule? It’s days away and we still have no idea who’s playing when, how late it will end, etc, and need to make plans for the day. Especially with multiple stages, I don’t want to miss someone because I’m at the wrong stage.

  32. Is there a schedule of who’s playing where/when?

  33. When will we find out the times of performances and what stage?

    Can’t wait!

  34. Jennifer Babbit July 1, 2015 at 4:21 PM

    I can’t contain my excitement! only 3 more days.. I have camping passes and VIP tickets. Do you know if we will be able to re-enter COTA after we go in? I want to be there 1st thing to see Raelyn but wasn’t sure if the passes allow re-entry.


  35. I’m 24 and just paid $665 for a 2 day concert and now I have learned it is only one day. This makes me upset and leaves me with the question of y wouldn’t there be sumthing going on Friday. I bought my whole family a ticket there was 19 of them and I have not seen them in 3 and a half years. But now it’s cut to one day of family time and on top of that I drove from south Carolina in one night to be here. Plz rethink that Friday and try to get me more time with all my family.
    Thank u a loving son
    Timothy Strange

  36. Dear Willie and Family,
    Just want to say that my son and his girlfriend will be attending your 4th of July concert for the first time. They are so excited!! They have been looking forward to it for some time now. Jake ( my son ) originally hails from Massachusetts but moved to the Waco area 4 years ago cause he always wanted to see what Texas was like and try to make it on his own out there. He is a Texan now and says he is never leaving. He has meet the nicest, most good hearted people ever out there. We miss him so much but we are very happy for him. Also we want to give a shout out to WEST, TEXAS we will never forget you all and we are still praying for all of you.

    Thank you. Sincerely, Jo Ann Smith

  37. Kelsey Connery July 5, 2015 at 6:58 AM

    We were at the gates when they opened and stayed through the last song/curfew. The ampitheater is amazing, the number of acts, mind blowing, the music, our style. We flew from FL, to Austin, stayed a day at home in Comfort, then made the trip to Austin early yesterday. Thank you Willie. It was the best 4th we’ve ever spent. I hope there will be photos from anyone, posted. <3
    Love you,
    Kelsey and Dallas

  38. Willie shall always be an inspiration for me as his stamina blows me away! The more he plays while on stage the more he shows his enthusiasm to please the crowd. He enjoys playing.. playing.THANKS WILLIE> U were awsome!~!!!!!!!!

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