WN FTM 3 1

January 22, 2013

2 responses to WN FTM 3 1

  1. I’m not 83 and I’m to infirmed to dance anymore but if I could it would be to Willies songs.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and keep on truckin

  2. Willie, your new album is everything I expected. My girlfriend heard you perform some of these songes in Tulsa and Topeka. You are so amazing. This album, with the older songs, is a life changer for me and my lover. What a piece of art, proving that you are the all time best for all generations no matter when the songs were written. You are the center of my love and my relationship. Thank you for staying true to your music. There are so many “so Willie” songs on the recording plus you bring the older songs into our lives. You are the most amaing artist in my life. Hope to hear some at your BD celebration!

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