A Horse Called Music

A Horse Called Music

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Release Date: 1/1/1989



01. Nothing I Can Do About It Now
02. Highway
03. I Never Cared For You
04. If I Were A Painting
05. Spirit
06. There You Are
07. Mr. Record Man
08. If My World Didn’t Have You
09. Horse Called Music
10. Is The Better Part Over


Producer Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson – Acoustic Guitar, vocals
Thomas Brannon – Vocals
Larry Byrom – Electric Guitar
Beth Nielsen Chapman – Vocals
Billy Gene English – Percussion, Drums
Paul English – Drums
Scott Jarrett – Vocals
Wendy Suits Johnson – Vocals
Jana King – Vocals
Larrie Londin – Drums
Grady Martin – Electric Guitar
Farrell Morris – Percussion
Bobbie Nelson – Piano
Louis Dean Nunley – Vocals
Bobby Ogdin – Piano
Larry Paxton – Bass
Jody Payne – Electric Guitar
Don Potter – Acoustic Guitar
Mickey Raphael – Harmonica
Ronnie Reno – Mandola
Lisa Silver – Vocals
Bee Spears – Bass
Bergen White – Arranger, Vocals
Chip Young – Acoustic Guitar
Reggie Young – Acoustic Guita