Willie Nelson and the Boys (Willie’s Stash, Vol. 2)

Willie Nelson and the Boys (Willie’s Stash, Vol. 2)

Willie Nelson and the Boys (Willie’s Stash, Vol. 2)

$ 19.98

Legacy Recordings will release Willie Nelson and the Boys, the eagerly-awaited second installment in the acclaimed Willie’s Stash archival recordings series, on Friday, October 20.

Following in the musical footsteps of 2014’s December Day, the first volume in the Willie’s Stash series (featuring Willie’s Sister Bobbie), Willie Nelson and the Boys is another family collaboration, this time showcasing Willie and sons, Lukas Nelson and Micah Nelson, performing a selection of well-loved American country music standards and classics, including seven penned by the immortal Hank Williams Sr.

The Willie’s Stash series will present a variety of archival releases, each personally curated by Willie Nelson, culled from decades of recording and touring, providing unique perspectives on one of America’s most vital musical forces.

Track List:

Side A

  1. Move It On Over
  2. Mind Your Own Business
  3. Healing Hands of Time
  4. Can I Sleep In Your Arms
  5. Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
  6. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Side B

  1. I'm Movin' On
  2. Your Cheatin' Heart
  3. My Tears Fall
  4. Cold, Cold Heart
  5. Mansion On the Hill
  6. Why Don't You Love Me