City Of New Orleans

City Of New Orleans

City Of New Orleans

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Release Date: 1/1/1984



01. City Of New Orleans
02. Just Out Of Reach
03. Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues
04. Why Are You Pickin’ On Me
05. She’s Out Of My Life
06. Cry
07. Please Come To Boston
08. It Turns Me Inside Out
09. Wind Beneath My Wings
10. Until It’s TIme For You To Go


Producer Chips Moman

Guitar – Willie Nelson, Reggie Young, J.R. Cobb, Chips Moman
Bass – Mike Leech
Keyboards – Bobby Emmons, Bobby Wood
Drums – Gene Chrisman
Harp – Mickey Raphael
Trumpet – Wayne Jackson
Baritone sax – Donald Sanders
Alto sax – Jon Marett
background vocals – Toni Wine, Rick Yancey, Andy Black, Sherill Parks, Bobby Wood, J.R. Cobb, Chips Moman
Strings – The A Strings