Live And Kickin’

Live And Kickin’

Live And Kickin’

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Release Date: 6/4/2003



01. I Didn’t Come Here (And I Ain’t Leaving) -(Scotty Emerick, Michael Smotherman)
02. Night Life -duet with Eric Clapton -(Walt Breeland, Paul Buskirk, Willie Nelson)
03. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain -duet with Shania Twain -(Fred Rose) WATCH
04. Homeward Bound -duet with Paul Simon -(Paul Simon) WATCH
05. Beer For My Horses -duet with Toby Keith -(Emerick, Toby Keith)
06. Crazy -duet with Diana Krall and Elvis Costello -(Nelson)
07. To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before -duet with Wyclef Jean -(Hal David, Albert Hammond)
08. The Wurlitzer Prize -duet with Norah Jones -(Bobby Emmons, Chips Moman)
09. She Loves My Automobile -duet with ZZ Top -(Frank Beard, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill)
10. Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground -duet with Shelby Lynne -(Nelson)
11. A Song For You -duet with Ray Charles -(Russell)
12. I Couldn’t Believe It Was True -duet with John Mellencamp -(Eddy Arnold, Wally Fowler)
13. Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning -duet with Kenny Chesney -(Donna Farar, Gary P Nunn)
14. Run That By Me One More Time -duet with Ray Price -(Fred Foster, Arthur Hancock, Jimmy Lambert)
15. One Time Too Many -duet with Steven Tyler -(Richard Supa, Steven Tyler)


Producer James Stroud

Willie Nelson – Guitar, Vocals
Eric Clapton – Vicals
Shania Twain – Vocals
Elvis Costello – Vocals
Diana Krall – Vocals
Norah Jones – Vocals
Ray Charles – Piano, Vocals
Steven Tyler – Vocals